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Ho​listic Wellness with Jamie Kay

We don’t attract what we ​want in life ...

We attract, what we are.

As Energetic beings living in an Energetic world, at any given moment, we are ​either attracting or repelling our deepest dreams and desires;

Whether we are conscious of it or not.

Those who are profoundly successful and have seemingly ‘mastered life’, are no ​different than the average human.

They simply understand the following foundational truth:

Align your focus, your energy, to your dream. Alchemize your energy to match that ​vibration,

and soon enough, your dreams will come to you.

Align + Alchemize

Hi! I’m Jamie Kay, a passionate and results-driven Holistic Practitioner, equipped with formal training in Holistic ​Nutrition, Digestive Disorders, Yoga Philosophy + Asana, Breathwork, Meditation, and Biological Sciences.

My commitment lies in helping humans foster a profound sense comfort within their bodies, while instilling a sense ​of connection and control within their minds; elevating their vibration as a result.

Using the The Law of Attraction, I show clients how to attract their dreams, instead of chase them.

Essentially, I show people how to become a magnet for their dreams and desires.

As a certified Holistic Practitioner, together, we will shift your body into a healing, regenerative state; harmonizing ​physical imbalances indefinitely using powerful antidotes, plant based medicine, and a vivaciously flavourful whole ​foods diet.

As a certified Yoga facilitator, together, we will untangle your mind from the limiting beliefs and outdated mental ​programming that have been sabotaging your success through gentle breathwork and meditations. This will ​dramatically shift the way you see and interact with the world.

As a Kundalini Certified Energetic Alchemist, I will guide you though the 12 Universal Laws, including the Law of ​Attracted, so that you can stop fantasizing about your dreams ...

And actually live them.

Your reason, is my why.

Your dreams, are my success.

I’m ready. Are you?

Ways to work with me || Yoga + Nutrition

Private Yoga

Revolutionize your practice through this unique ​fusion of Eastern Traditions + Western ​Teachings, curated specifically to suit your ​goals, ambitions and personal requirements; all ​through certified guidance and hands on ​support.

Best suited for those who are ready to :

  • Improve focus, boost productivity & ​decrease stress.
  • Deepen the connection with themselves.
  • Reduce muscle and joint tension.
  • Practice yoga correctly and safely.

Private Nutrition Coaching

This one-on-one private package will lead you ​through the 7 sacred pillars of nutritional + ​lifestyle excellence, relieving symptomatic ​discomforts indefinitely through a lifelong ​transformation.

Best suited for those who are ready to:

  • Transform their relationship with food
  • Create nourishing, flavourful dishes that are ​convenient to fit your lifestyle.
  • Reduce illness, brain fog, bloating and ​lethargy.
  • Improve skin complexion, memory retention ​and energy.

Main Services

Nutritional Sciences || Certified through CSNN

  • Gut Health Crash Course
  • Liver Detoxification + Reset
  • Hormone Balance + Nervous System regulation
  • Personalized 1-on-1 services
  • In person / Online Workshops

Yoga Facilitation || 500RYT + 200 Kundalini ​Training

  • Personalized 1-0n-1 training
  • In person workshops + trainings
  • YYC Yoga Studios
  • Online Yoga Platform
    • Yoga, meditation, breath-work, ​philosophy and more.

Success Stories

Jamie's pleasant and personalized approach to helping me improve my physical, mental, ​and spiritual health was as effective as it was inspiring.

Her attention to detail, accommodation of my preferences and consideration of my special ​circumstances, helped me embrace the thoughtful treatment plan she prepared, a ​splendid set of strategies that have made an enduring positive impact on my health.

I appreciated Jamie holding me accountable to the changes I needed to make to improve ​my mental and physical well-being while collaborating with me to find solutions that fit my ​lifestyle without compromising her holistic health emphasis.

Jamie's encouragement, support, and advice were essential elements in helping me sprout ​and stretch towards the terrific transformation I continue to undergo.

- Wesly, Calgary AB

I’ve struggled for a long time to understand what my body needs and when. I have dealt ​with bloating after every meal (even the healthy ones) and it has caused me so much ​discomfort.

Jamie broke down the basics for me and taught me about the fundamentals of gut health ​in a way that I could functionally incorporate into my life.

She worked with me to find the supplements that MY body needs.

Her assessment was individualized and her plan was focussed on the areas that needed ​attention. Her attention to detail, educational background and nutritional knowledge are ​what helped me make changes in my life that would realistically work on a daily basis.

- Lindsay, Kelowna BC

Jamie has such a different approach to health and wellness then I’ve ever experienced, through both my own research, ​and my doctor.

I have a medical condition, that made me feel as if - the way I feel now, is how I will always feel. I take my medications so ​this should cure me.

Jamie’s wellness plan made me feel so much better inside and out that I never expected. I always considered myself a ​healthy person, but just eating what I thought was a healthy diet, and exercising – wasn’t giving me the results that I ​needed.

I highly recommend trying out her program, if you can take in her advice and her mindset you really will have a fresh start, ​and a new perspective.

- Olivia, Calgary AB

I'd hire Jamie all over again in a second, it was among the best money I've ever invested in myself.

Jamie was almost immediately onto the cause of my troubles and the repairs started right then. She was always there for ​me too with lots of virtual meetings and extra support with any questions.

A couple months after the programs end I'm still feeling amazing, many changes have stuck and I have some momentum ​that I'm continuing to build on. I have in fact never felt better; being properly supported I was able to find more of ​everything in my yoga practice and daily life, I am stronger inside and out, I feel a new sense of freedom.

- Calgary, Alberta

- Jason, Calgary AB

For the longest time I dealt with bloat, an uncomfortable amount of gas, and horrible acne.

Jamie didn’t just give me a meal or workout plan and leave me to my devices, rather she also provided the accountability ​that the other apps and trainers rarely offered.

She was super straightforward with what it was going to take for me to reach my goals in health and fitness. took it all on. ​And soon enough my bloat went away and my skin cleared up!

Jamie’s holistic coaching abilities knocked out of the park any doubts I had; and I saw results through her fantastic ​partnership.

- Atalya, Vancouver BC

Religion Symbols Buddhism Patterned Bonsai

aliigned ​Alchemy

Holistic Wellness with Jamie Kay

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